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Release notes of Apache Ant (TM) 1.8.2
Changes from Ant 1.8.1 TO Ant 1.8.2

Changes that could break older environments:

 * Prior to Ant 1.8.0 the <copy> task and several other tasks would
   overwrite read-only destination files.  Starting with 1.8.0 they
   would only do so under special circumstances.  Ant 1.8.2 now
   consistently won't replace a read-only file by default. The same is
   true for a number of other tasks.
   The <copy>, <move> and <echo> tasks now have a new force attribute
   and <concat> has a new forceReadonly attribute that can be used to
   make the task overwrite read-only destinations.
   Bugzilla Report 49261.

 * Removed ant-nodeps.jar; it is now merged into ant.jar.

 * DOMElementWriter#encode used to employ special code before encoding
   ampersands so that &#123; remained &#123; rather than being turned
   into &amp;#123;.  This is no longer the case, ampersands will now
   be encoded unconditionally.
   Also DOMElementWriter#encodeData will treat CDATA sections containing a
   literal "]]>" sequence different now - it will split the CDATA
   section between the second "]" and ">" and create two sections.
   This affects <echoxml> task as well as the XML logger or JUnit
   formatter where ampersands will now always get encoded.
   In addition DOMElementWriter will now replace the characters \t, \r
   and \n in attribute values by entity references.
   Bugzilla Report 49404.

 * The list elements returned by ProjectHelper#getExtensionStack are
   now String arrays of length 3 rather than 2 in order to support the
   onMissingExtensionPoint attribute.
   Bugzilla Report 49473.   

 * When using <property file="..." prefix="..."/> properties defined
   inside the same file will only get used in expansions if the ${}
   reference uses the same prefix.  This is different from Ant 1.8.1
   but is the same behavior Ant 1.8.0 and earlier exhibited.
   A new attribute prefixValues can be used to re-enable the behavior
   of Ant 1.8.1.
   Bugzilla Report 49373.

 * The files and directories used by Git, Mercurial and Bazaar to
   store their information are now excluded by the defaultexcludes.
   Bugzilla Report 49624.

 * The <junit> task no longer generates TestListener events - which
   have been introduced in ant 1.7.0 - by default.  The task has a new
   attribute enableTestListenerEvents and a new "magic" property
   ant.junit.enabletestlistenerevents has been added that can be used
   to reinstate the old behavior.

Fixed bugs:

 * hostinfo now prefers addresses with a hostname over addresses without 
   a hostname, provided the addresses have the same scope.
   For local lookup, no IP address will be put in NAME / DOMAIN anymore.
   For remote lookup, if a host name was provided and only an IP address is 
   found, the IP address will no longer overwrite the host name provided to the
   Bugzilla Report 49513

 * mmap-based file copy problems under JDK 1.4 on Linux.
   Bugzilla Report 49430.

 * The Sun JVM tries to mmap the entire file during a copy. 
   For large files this is not feasible. 
   We now explicitly request to copy at most 16 MiB per request.
   Bugzilla Report 49326.
 * should return unsigned values
   Bugzilla Report 49279.

 * The MIME mailer ignored the port parameter when using SSL.
   Bugzilla Report 49267.

 * <xslt> ignored the classpath when using the default TraX processor.
   Bugzilla Report 49271.

 * <checksum>'s totalproperty only worked reliably if the same file
   name didn't occur inside more than one directory.
   Bugzilla Report 36748.

 * <ftp> could fail to download files from remote subdirectories under
   certain circumstances.
   Bugzilla Report 49296.

 * <junit> will now produce better diagnostics when it fails to delete
   a temporary file.
   Bugzilla Report 49419.

 * Ant would often scan directories even though there were known to
   only hold excluded files when evaluating filesets.  This never
   resulted in wrong results but degraded performance of the scan
   Bugzilla Report 49420.

 * <javac> failed for long command lines on OS/2.
   Bugzilla Report 49425.

 * <junitreport> did not handle encodings well for stdout/stderr.
   Bugzilla Report 49418.

 * <junit> could issue a warning about multiple versions of Ant on the
   CLASSPATH if two CLASSPATH entries differed in case on a
   case-insensitive file system.
   Bugzilla Report 49041.

 * The <restrict> resource collection was checking every resource even if
   we actually just want the first one, like in the example of use of
   resourcelist in the documentation (getting the first available resource
   from a mirror list).

 * A race condition could lead to build failures if multiple <mkdir>
   tasks were trying to create the same directory.
   Bugzilla Report 49572.

 * the toString() method of the Resources class - and thus any
   ${toString:} expansion of a reference to a <resources> element -
   didn't iterate over its nested elements if it hadn't done so prior
   to the toString invocation already.
   Bugzilla Report 49588.

 * <apply> in parallel mode didn't work together with a nested
   <redirector> if maxparallel was <= 0 (the default) or no source
   files matched.
   Bugzilla Report 49594.

 * <jar filesetmanifest="merge"> didn't work for manifests added via
   <zipfileset>s that used the prefix or fullpath attributes.
   Bugzilla Report 49605.

 * <tempfile createfile="true"> would cause an error unless the prefix
   attribute has been specified.
   Bugzilla Report 49755.

 * If forked, after finished <java> was still reading the input stream
   for a bunch of characters, then stealing them from a following <input>.
   Bugzilla Report 49119.

 * Ant could be leaking threads for each forked process (started by
   <exec>, <apply>, <java> or similar tasks) that didn't receive input
   from a resource or string explicitly.
   Bugzilla Report 49587.

 * Project#setDefault threw an exception when null was passed in as
   argument, even though the javadoc says, null is a valid value.
   Bugzilla Report 49803.

 * would swallow the first argument if CLASSPATH wasn't set.
   Bugzilla Report 49963.

 * <taskdef> failed to load resources from jar files contained in a
   directory that has a "!" in its name.
   Bugzilla Report 50007.

 * ant.bat exit strategy improvements and issues
   make the exit codes work in environments where 4NT or MKS are installed
   Bugzilla Report 41039.

 * <signjar> would fail if used via its Java API and the File passed
   into the setJar method was not "normalized" (i.e. contained ".."
   Bugzilla Report 50081.

 * <delete> ignored <fileset>'s errorOnMissingDir attribute
   Bugzilla Report 50124.

 * <symlink> failed to close files when reading a list of symbolic
   links from a properties file.
   Bugzilla Report 50136.

 * <parallel> could allow tasks to start executing even if a task
   scheduled to run before them timed out.
   Bugzilla Report 49527.

 * If a <junit> batch with multiple tests times out Ant logs a message
   about a test named Batch-With-Multiple-Tests since 1.8.0 but the
   logic that determined the Java package of this pseudo-test has been
   Bugzilla Report 45227.

 * <propertyfile> didn't preserve the original linefeed style when
   updating a file.
   Bugzilla Report 50049.

 * <zip>'s whenEmpty behavior never consulted the non-fileset
   resources so the task could fail even though resources have been
   provided using non-fileset resource collections.
   Bugzilla Issue 50115.

*  ftp chmod could throw a NPE.
   Bugzilla report 50217.

*  The project help (-p option in the command line) will now print
   the dependencies of the targets in debug mode (-d on the command

Other changes:

 * <concat>'s force attribute has been deprecated in favor of a new
   overwrite attribute that is consistent with <copy>'s attribute

 * You can now specify a list of methods to run in a JUnit test case.
   Bugzilla Report 34748.

 * properties in files read because of the -propertyfile command line
   option will now get resolved against other properties that are
   defined before the project starts executing (those from the same or
   earlier -propertfiles or defined via the -D option).
   Bugzilla Report 18732.

 * <pathelement>s can now contain wildcards in order to use wildcard
   CLASSPATH entries introduced with Java6.
   The wildcards are not expanded or even evaluated by Ant and will be
   used literally.  The resulting path may be unusable as a CLASSPATH
   for Java versions prior to Java6 and likely doesn't mean anything
   when used in any other way than a CLASSPATH for a forked Java VM. 
   Bugzilla Report 46842.

 * A new attribute allows targets to deal with non-existant extensions
   points, i.e. they can extend and extension-point if it has been
   defined or silently work as plain targets if it hasn't.  This is
   useful for targets that get included/imported in different
   scenarios where a given extension-point may or may not exist.
   Bugzilla Report 49473.   

 * Ant now logs a warning message if it fails to change the file
   modification time in for example when using <touch> or preserving
   timestamps in various tasks.
   Bugzilla Report 49485.

 * ProjectHelpers can now be installed dynamically via the <projecthelper>
   Ant task.

 * <import> is now able to switch to the proper ProjectHelper to parse
   the imported resource. This means that several kinds of different build
   files can import each other.

 * <copy tofile=""> now also works for non-filesystem resources.
   Bugzilla Report 49756.

 * The <linecontainsregexp> filter now supports a casesensitive

 * The <containsregexp> selector now supports casesensitive, multiline
   and singleline attributes.
   Bugzilla Report 49764.

 * A new <cutdirsmapper> can be used like wget's --cut-dirs option to
   strip leading directories from file names.

 * <javah> now supports the GNU project's gcjh compiler.
   Bugzilla Report 50149.

 * <checksum> supports additional views of a file's path as elements
   for a custom pattern.
   Bugzilla Report 50114.

 * JUnit XMLResultAggregator logs the stack trace of caught IO exceptions
   in verbose runs.
   Bugzilla Report 48836.

 * StringUtils.parseHumanSizes() should turn parse failures into
   Bugzilla Report 48835.

 * New task <bindtargets> to make a list of targets bound to some
   specified extension point.

 * Initial support for OpenJDK7 has been added.

 * Ant now uses rather than
   java.util.ServiceLocator to detect whether the environment is a
   Java 1.6 system.  This means releases of gcj/gij at the time of
   this release of Ant are detected as Java 1.5 and not 1.6.
   Bugzilla Report 50256.

 * It is now possible to write a compiler adapter for <javac> that
   compiles sources with extensions other than .java (but that still
   compile to .class files).
   Bugzilla Report 48829.

 * The performance of VectorSet#add(Object) has been improved which
   should also benefit any operation that scans directories in Ant.
   Bugzilla Report 50200.